HOPE – Loved Ones

We know the heartache of not having had support during the 24 year period when we learned of a loved one’s struggles and life in homosexuality.  It was a very long and lonely road.

We offer support and hope to parents, family, spouses, and friends who are concerned for someone they know and love. No one needs to travel this emotional and heartbreaking road alone. There are others who totally understand your confusions, concerns, and heartaches.

All support groups are confidential.

As you look for a support group where you can be helped, consider Circle of Love. This group meets at the Vineyard Columbus, 6000 Cooper Road, in Westerville Ohio. We meet on the first Monday of the month, except when that Monday is part of a holiday weekend. In that case, we meet on the second Monday. The only exception is in December, when we have a Christmas Fellowship on the first Sunday.

Circle of Love is a place where you are permitted to share your story, in confidentiality. Others in the group know the same heartache and can walk with you through the pain. It truly helps to be able to talk, rather than hold your secret close. Don’t keep it “under cover” but find comfort here.

I am aware of other support groups for parents and/or for those struggling. If Columbus, Ohio is not your resident location, let me know and I may be able to suggest a group closer to your resident location.

Contact me at bohcolumbus1989@gmail.com or by phone at (614) 855-2184.

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