HOPE – Men and Women

Bridge of Hope meets bi-weekly and offers compassionate support to men and women who struggle with unwanted same-gender attraction.  We consist of two groups:  Moving on with Jesus (women)  and Bridge of Hope (men).

Women meet with Sue B and can contact her at MovingonwithJesus.com for details.

Both men and women are using the “Taking Back Ground” on-line curriculum and we are excited about this program. We would invite you to join us.

It will be necessary for any interested men to complete an application. After the completed form is received, an intake interview will be scheduled.   We are pleased to meet with you.  It is sometimes easier for a man to come to Bridge of Hope when he already knows someone – so, let’s meet.

Please write bohcolumbus1989@gmail.com for an application, or  phone (614) 855-2184 to talk to Fred or Nora.    If we might not answer, it is because we are unavailable so please do leave your name and your phone number with a brief message.  We will return your call as quickly as possible.

Women, please write Sue B. At MovingonwithJesus.com.

We await your contact.

God bless you.  We are here to walk with you as we both walk closer to Jesus.

Nora V.

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