Our Values

  • Sexual purity as a piece of the Holy lifestyle God has called us to participate in.
  • The hope that Christ offers all individuals the restoration of the image of Christ in us that has been marred by sin
  • The Word of God that offers us a template for growing in grace.
  • The Church, where all people are celebrated, embraced, and valued, and able to use the gifts God has given each one.
  • Compassion toward those who are suffering from the ravages of sin, believing that if Jesus was moved with compassion toward the hurting then we, as His disciples, ought to be as well.
  • Accountability to the community and to God, believing that it is impossible to overcome struggles alone. With a friend it is easier and with Jesus “all things are possible.”
  • The discipleship of individuals toward Christ-likeness, through the teaching of Biblical principles, as they learn God’s plan for their relationships.
  • Each individual as they learn who they are in Christ discovers His plan for them, and begin to live it out.
  •  Family relationships – knowing that many times these are difficult to restore, but  also that God is honored as work toward encouraging,  forgiving , and healing.
  •  Our affiliation with Hope for Wholeness, an organization providing support, references, teachings, and many aids to Bridge of Hope and similar ministries in the  United States

If you have questions or concerns, please call us at (614)855-2184 or write us at bohcolumbus1989@gmail.com

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