HOPE – Men


Bridge of Hope meets bi-weekly and offers compassionate support to men and women who struggle with unwanted same-gender attraction.

We are using the “Taking Back Ground”curriculum and we are excited about this program. We would invite you to join us.

It will be necessary for any interested persons to complete an application. After the completed form is received, an intake interview will be scheduled.

Please write bohcolumbus1989@gmail.com for an application, or  phone (614) 855-2184 to talk to Fred or Nora.

 We await your contact.

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HOPE – Youth


Bridge of Hope does not offer support for anyone under 18 years of age; however, we suggest you check out hopeforwholeness.org  to”find help” and then, Counseling Support.

In addition, you may wish to check out http://www.reachtruth.com. This is an online support available to individuals who have unwanted same-gender attraction, or who are confused about who they are sexually.  The individual may have a pastor, parent, or friend (who does not have the same issue) enroll to serve as their Mentor.

Another on-line support for youth/young adults is http://www.livehope.org. This, too, is a confidential group.

Parents concerned about an under-aged child may wish to contact Focus on the Family at 1(800) A-Family   (1-800-232-6459) weekdays from 6:00am to 8:00pm (MT). They often work with gender-related issues.  If someone is not available to talk with you when you call, please leave your name and phone number.  They will return your call as…

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For individuals, dealing with unwanted same-gender attraction, who desire support but do not have a local support group:

Portland Fellowship offers on-line support to you.

Search out PortlandFellowship.com and review their amazing materials.

REACH TRUTH is a 20-lesson course. If interested, you would complete the registration. If you have a friend or pastor who does not deal with the same ‘issue,’ you may name them as your Mentor. The Mentor would also complete the registration form. Look at Reach Truth on Portland Fellowship’s web site and see if that will be of help to you.

HOPE Online provides two programs with 8-week lessons. One provides support for parents of men/women who have LGBT leanings. The second HOPE Online provides support for parents whose loved one is dealing with Transgenderism.

TAKING BACK GROUND is a 2-year program (21 lessons each year) for men and women who have unwanted same-gender attraction.

If you are someone who is looking for support, but you have no known support group nearby, please visit Portland Fellowship and see what they offer. The information above is just the start. This organization is amazing.

Another source for support is Hope for Wholeness. You can reach them by visiting Hopeforwholeness.org. To determine if one of their groups is in your location, check out the HELP page, click on your State and view the groups available. You will find this group to be one of loving compassion.

Praying God’s blessings for you. May He give you comfort and peace in the turmoils of this life. God bless you.

If you have any questions or wish to talk to Fred or Nora, please write us at bohcolumbus1989@gmail.com or phone us at (614) 855-2184.

God bless you. Nora V.